Health knowledge, resources and experiences contributed by you, for you. Evidence alone doesn’t bring change… people do. is the knowledge exchange and social networking site for the Care to Know Centre. is founded on a collaborative approach. We seek to create effective relationships and exchange amongst individuals, family caregivers, health professionals, researchers, organizations, policy and management stakeholders about health care.

We are a unique type of social network designed to make meaningful contributions to a body of evidence that will positively impact the health care experience in their homes and communities. Our aim is to connect diverse audiences on — individuals/families, professionals, researchers and health care providers — so they can work together to trigger fresh ideas, identify valuable projects, facilitate unique partnerships, inform public policy and improve the point of contact between individuals and the system.

Who is the community for? seeks to connect and create effective relationships amongst:

  • Individuals Includes individual people, family or informal caregivers, patients, home and community care clients and their families.
    Important! As an individual member of the community, there is no need for you to be an expert. You just need to have a vested interest in or desire to talk about a particular health topic or home and community care issue. We want to honour your stories and help connect
  • Professionals Includes registered nurses, registered practical nurses, personal support workers, therapists, physicians, social workers, professionals in government service, programs and policy.
  • Organizations Includes health care providers, associations, foundations; home health care, public health, primary health care, long term care, and social service organizations.
  • Researchers Includes researchers in academic and/or decision-maker settings.

Our aim is to identify and investigate new models, procedures and policies to ensure a shared approach for quality health care is achieved.

Who created the Care To Know Centre and

The Care to Know Centre (CTKC) is the national knowledge exchange network. We provide a full range of integrated care solutions that creatively respond to client, community and health system needs acrossthe world

What kind of information will I find at, and where does it come from? features health, home and community care information and knowledge exchange, research and knowledge translation, stories about health care experiences, groups, discussions, news, resources, publications and services from:

  • Registered community members and health care professionals, public health authorities and organizations across Canada
  • Patients, families and caregivers
  • Aggregated health research, data and evidence-based analysis of the health, to transform practice.
  • Consumer-focused applied research projects of excellence and the Centre’s own research initiatives
  • administrators/editors

For more details, see our Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use.

General Disclaimer
The Site may make available certain information provided by third parties related to various professional fields such as, without limitation, medicine and other health, diet and fitness related matters (the “Professional Information”). The Professional Information is provided for educational and information purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product or course of action. Use of the Site does not replace consultations with a qualified medical, nutrition, or other relevant professional.

Use of this information should be done in accordance with the health care plan outlined by your health care professional.

For specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, consult your doctor.

Do I have to register and create a profile?

Some information, such as feature articles on health topics, do not require you to login to read them. However, the Care to Know Centre is about building, engaging and facilitating conversations. Creating a profile on is key to getting the most from your experience. Registering allows you to:

  • Create, promote and exchange information to create strong two way engagement between individuals, caregivers, researchers, organizations, policy and management stakeholders at a national level.
  • Post comments on feature articles, groups, forums, events and other content
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  • Create and join groups, and receive notifications of which groups colleagues and friends are joining.
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  • Access and share current, quality evidence-based research, news and stories pertaining to home and community health care
  • Participate in forum discussions.
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  • Locate resources and organizations across Canada.
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