EU Business School’s Growing Partnership Programs

In late November, EU Business School (EU) announced the latest addition to its impressive list of academic partnerships. EU signed an agreement with Boston’s Fisher College that expands its international footprint and enhances its ever-growing array of options from which students can choose. Heavily slanted toward global citizenship and cross-cultural experience, the leading business school now offers students the chance to spend two semesters studying at Fisher College and graduate with a BS in Management degree in addition to their EU qualification.

Fisher College Boston

Both the options on offer at EU Business School and the recognition the academic institution receives have expanded recently. Over the past year, EU has sealed similar agreements with Pace University in New York, as well as the universities of Roehampton and Derby in the United Kingdom. As such, EU students have access to first-class, government-accredited institutions around the globe.

The variety of schools that EU partners with is also noteworthy. Some are leading research hotspots, while others have world-class faculty and deliver exceptional courses. What they all have in common is that they have all received official state accreditation within their respective countries. This represents a crucial advantage for EU Business School students, who can benefit from a domestically recognized qualification if they decide to stay and work in the U.S.A. or the U.K.; or would have a strong competitive advantage in their home country’s job market. This new opportunity is available to all EU Business School students from the Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona and Munich campuses.

Fisher College was founded in 1903 and offers an extensive range of subjects to study at undergraduate and graduate levels. It is an independent, non-profit educational institution and has received a multitude of recognitions throughout its history. The school focuses on recruiting top-notch faculty members and preparing its students for the real-world application of acquired knowledge.

EU Business School, for its part, is accredited by three distinctive bodies and quality assurance organizations and was ranked in the top 35 business schools in Europe. For years now, it has been expanding its geographical reach in order to foster a truly international academic culture and enable its students to study at multiple locations. This latest partnership is a welcome addition to its network of campuses and partners, which will also allow Fisher College to gain greater international recognition and visibility.

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